About us

About us


About Goodness and Mercy Drycleaners

9G&M Dry Cleaners is a limited liability company incorporated on June, 2008. Today, we are a medium sized but fast growing integrated laundry/dry cleaning service provider driven by a passion for excellence. This we set out to achieve by craving out a niche for ourselves in the laundry/dry cleaning sector.

We are located at Eleshin bus/stop along Ijede road, Ikorodu, Lagos State – Nigeria. With our advanced technology, unsurpassed responsiveness and breakthrough innovations. G&M continues to transform the laundry business in Nigeria with amenities that both our clients and their residents value.

Not all of Dry cleaner’s biggest names are on the chart of accredited and well established dry cleaners.

From the four corners of Lagos City is a trendy, fashion-conscious, up to the minute kind of towns and people.

No matter what kind of styles come and go; Lagosians turn to G&M for the most exacting cleaning and personalized customer service. Your wardrobe is an investment, expression of your personal style and a one-of-a-kind collection that can’t be duplicated.

Don’t trust it to whoever just happens to be around the corner. We’re dedicated to keeping more than just your clothes clean. We have the equipment and years of expertise needed to tackle virtually any job – from preserving a wedding gown to removing stubborn stains from a suede couch.

We’re committed to being environmentally responsible and easily accessible. We want to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to say hello!!!