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Regular cleaning lengthens the lifespan of your curtains and draperies, and improves the air quality in your home, too. Especially in the city – where even high-rise apartments are vulnerable to grit and dirt from smoggy streets – draperies act as a filter, trapping dust and particulate.

It’s essential to clean your drapes, even when you might not notice how dirty they are.

G&M has been cleaning draperies and curtains in Nigeria for years – we have the process down to an art. Our pros map and measure each piece.

Then, we clean draperies with our custom processes, choosing a curtain cleaning method that will remove blemishes without harming the textile.

Within one week, our team returns and reinstalls your clean draperies, just the way you or your designer originally intended. If you’d prefer not to be without your window treatments – we can clean any type of drapery, valance, shade or blind right in your home.

G&M travels for drapery cleaning in-home across all of the Lagos metro area, contact us online for a complimentary in-home consultation and estimate.