Handbag Care

Handbag Care


handbagHandbag Care

Your designer handbag is an investment, but any bag used regularly is exposed to serious wear and tear.

Dye transfer from dark denim, spilled drinks, dirt, subway grime – even baby messes – we’ve seen it all. But, your Fendi isn’t finished. We’ve cleaned them all too, with fabulous results.

G&M receives purses and handbags from around the state for cleaning and repair.

Our in-house experts have cleaned purses from names like Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga for years.

We don’t stop at scrubbing off surface dirt, but go further, infusing oil and dyes keep your bag supple and to maintain rich colors.

Regular handbag cleaning with us can extend the lifespan of a purse indefinitely, so you’ll never have to retire a Birkin again.

Call us today to see how G&M can revitalize your arm candy.