Your carpet and rugs let you walk all over them. But there’s no reason to advertise this abuse with unsightly wear.

G&M deep carpet dry cleaning gets out stains others can’t. More importantly, our extensive experience with high-end home carpet cleaning means we have the breadth of techniques to avoid damaging expensive textiles, too.

Our technicians can service carpet either in your home, or remove them for restoration in our headquarters.

Carpet cleaning by G&M keeps your rugs colorfast, plush, and we’ll even apply Scotchgard stain repellent.

We service all of the Lagos metro area. Expect the famous G&M customer service and professionalism – carpet cleaning that won’t leave a trail of wreckage in your home.

We can even photograph your furnishings to ensure each item is placed exactly as it was before.

Treat your carpets and rugs right for a change. send us a message. We’ll show your rug the care it deserves.


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